Meios de Cultura

id Título
sc-4651 Chondrocyte Medium
sc-4651-b Chondrocyte Medium-basal
sc-4651-b-prf Chondrocyte Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-4651-prf Chondrocyte Medium-phenol red free
sc-2952 Colonic Epithelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-2951-b-prf Colonic Epithelial Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-2951-prf Colonic Epithelial Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-2951 Colonic Epithelial Cell Medium
sc-2951-b Colonic Epithelial Cell Medium-basal
1100 ColonyGEL™ 1100, Stock Methylcellulose Medium
1101 ColonyGEL™ 1101, Human Base Medium
1102 ColonyGEL™ 1102, Human Complete Medium
1103 ColonyGEL™ 1103, Human Complete Medium without EPO
1104 ColonyGEL™ 1104, Human Enriched Complete Medium
1150 ColonyGEL™ 1150, Human Medium for Multiple Myeloma CFC
1201 ColonyGEL™ 1201, Mouse Base Medium
1202 ColonyGEL™ 1202, Mouse Complete Medium
1203 ColonyGEL™ 1203, Mouse Complete Medium without EPO
1205 ColonyGEL™ 1205, Mouse Pre-B Medium
1301 ColonyGEL™ 1301, Rat Base Medium
1303 ColonyGEL™ 1303, Rat Complete Medium Without EPO
1401 ColonyGEL™ 1401, Non-Human Primate Base Medium
1402 ColonyGEL™ 1402, Non-Human Primate Complete Medium
1403 ColonyGEL™ 1403, Non-Human Primate Complete Medium w/out EPO
1501 ColonyGEL™ 1501, Canine Base Medium
1503 ColonyGEL™ 1503, Canine Complete Medium without EPO
sc-6552 Corneal Epithelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-6511-b-prf Corneal Epithelial Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-6511-prf Corneal Epithelial Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-6511 Corneal Epithelial Cell Medium
sc-6511-b Corneal Epithelial Cell Medium-basal
sc-09241 DMEM with High-Glucose, L-Glutamine, Sodium Pyruvate and 25 mM HEPES
sc-09221 DMEM with High-Glucose, L-Glutamine and Sodium Pyruvate
sc-09211 DMEM with L-Glutamine and Sodium Pyruvate
sc-09231 DMEM with L-Glutamine, Sodium Pyruvate and 25 mM HEPES
sc-09421 DMEM/F-12 with L-Glutamine and 15 mM HEPES
sc-09411 DMEM/F-12 with L-Glutamine
enz-70006-0200 ECM (Expansion Medium)
sc-1052 Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-1062 Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement-rat
sc-1001 Endothelial Cell Medium
sc-1001-ng Endothelial Cell Medium – No Glutamine
sc-1001-b-prf Endothelial Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-1001-b Endothelial Cell Medium-basal
sc-1001-ng-b-prf Endothelial Cell Medium-No Glutamine-basal-phenol red free
sc-1001-ng-prf Endothelial Cell Medium-No Glutamine-phenol red free
sc-1001-ng-b Endothelial Cell Medium-No Glutamine-basal
sc-1001-prf Endothelial Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-1021 Endothelial Cell Medium-rat
sc-1021-b Endothelial Cell Medium-rat-basal

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