Meios de Cultura

id Título
sc-4672 Osteoblast Mineralization Supplement
sc-7352 Ovarian Epithelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-7311-b-prf Ovarian Epithelial Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-7311-prf Ovarian Epithelial Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-7311 Ovarian Epithelial Cell Medium
sc-7311-b Ovarian Epithelial Cell Medium-basal
enz-70001-0200 PCM (Prefusion Medium)
sc-1252 Pericyte Growth Supplement
sc-1201 Pericyte Medium
sc-1201-b Pericyte Medium-basal
sc-1201-b-prf Pericyte Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-1231 Pericyte Medium-mouse
sc-1231-b-prf Pericyte Medium-mouse basal-phenol red free
sc-1231-b Pericyte Medium-mouse-basal
sc-1231-prf Pericyte Medium-mouse-phenol red free
sc-1201-prf Pericyte Medium-phenol red free
sc-7221-b Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium-basal
sc-7221-b-prf Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-7221-prf Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium-phenol red free
sc-7221 Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium
sc-7232 Preadipocyte Differentiation Supplement
sc-7252 Preadipocyte Growth Supplement
sc-7211 Preadipocyte Medium
sc-7211-b Preadipocyte Medium-basal
sc-7211-b-prf Preadipocyte Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-7211-prf Preadipocyte Medium-phenol red free
sc-4452 Prostate Epithelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-4411-b-prf Prostate Epithelial Cells Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-4411-prf Prostate Epithelial Cells Medium-phenol red free
sc-4411 Prostate Epithelial Cells Medium
sc-4411-b Prostate Epithelial Cells Medium-basal
sc-r1811-sf Rat Astrocyte Conditioned Medium-Serum Free
sc-r1811 Rat Astrocyte Conditioned Medium
enz-70005-0200 RCM (Recovery Medium)
sc-09521 RPMI 1640 with L-Glutamine and 25 mM HEPES
sc-09511 RPMI 1640 without L-Glutamine, with 25 mM HEPES
sc-1752 Schwann Cell Growth Supplement
sc-1701 Schwann Cell Medium
sc-1701-b Schwann Cell Medium-basal
sc-1701-b-prf Schwann Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-1701-prf Schwann Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-4572 Sertoli Cell Growth Supplement
sc-4521 Sertoli Cell Medium
sc-4521-b Sertoli Cell Medium-basal
sc-4521-b-prf Sertoli Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-4521-prf Sertoli Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-3552 Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Supplement
sc-3501 Skeletal Muscle Cell Medium
sc-3501-b Skeletal Muscle Cell Medium-basal
sc-3501-b-prf Skeletal Muscle Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free

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