Meios de Cultura

id Título
sc-5901 Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit
sc-09611 IMDM with L-Glutamine and 25 mM HEPES; without alpha-Thioglycerol, 2-mercaptoethanol
m11 IVC-1 culture medium
m12 IVC-2 culture medium
sc-2172 Keratinocyte Growth Supplement-animal component free
sc-2152 Keratinocyte Growth Supplement
sc-2162 Keratinocyte Growth Supplement-defined
sc-2101 Keratinocyte Medium
sc-2121-b Keratinocyte Medium-animal component free-basal
sc-2121-b-prf Keratinocyte Medium-animal component free-basal-phenol red free
sc-2121-prf Keratinocyte Medium-animal component free-phenol red free
sc-2121 Keratinocyte Medium-animal component free
sc-2101-b Keratinocyte Medium-basal
sc-2101-b-prf Keratinocyte Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-2111 Keratinocyte Medium-defined
sc-2111-b Keratinocyte Medium-defined-basal
sc-2111-b-prf Keratinocyte Medium-defined-basal-phenol red free
sc-2111-prf Keratinocyte Medium-defined-phenol red free
sc-2101-prf Keratinocyte Medium-phenol red free
enz-60003-0001 LEADING LIGHT(R) Wnt Cell Medium Pack
sc-4562 Leydig Cell Growth Supplement
sc-4511 Leydig Cell Medium
sc-4511-b Leydig Cell Medium-basal
sc-4511-b-prf Leydig Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-4511-prf Leydig Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-1972 Macrophage Growth Supplement
sc-1921 Macrophage Medium
sc-1921-b Macrophage Medium-basal
sc-1921-b-prf Macrophage Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-1921-prf Macrophage Medium-phenol red free
sc-7652 Mammary Epithelial Cell Growth Supplement
sc-7611-b-prf Mammary Epithelial Cell Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-7611-prf Mammary Epithelial Cell Medium-phenol red free
sc-7611 Mammary Epithelial Cell Medium
sc-7611-b Mammary Epithelial Cell Medium-basal
sc-09111 Medium 199 with Earle's Salts and L-Glutamine
sc-09121 Medium 199 with Hanks Salts and L-Glutamine
sc-2252 Melanocyte Growth Supplement
sc-2262 Melanocyte Growth Supplement-TPA-free
sc-2201 Melanocyte Medium
sc-2211-b-prf Melanocyte Medium-2-basal-phenol red free
sc-2211-b Melanocyte Medium-2-basal
sc-2211-prf Melanocyte Medium-2-phenol red free
sc-2201-b Melanocyte Medium-basal
sc-2201-b-prf Melanocyte Medium-basal-phenol red free
sc-2201-prf Melanocyte Medium-phenol red free
sc-2211 Melanocyte Medium-TPA free
sc-09031 MEM with Eagles's Salts and Glutamine
sc-09011 MEM with Earle's Salts and L-Glutamine
sc-09021 MEM with Hank's Salts and L-Glutamine

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